"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance."
- Aristotle


Each piece of artwork I offer is handcrafted and designed to last for generations. Your timeless images deserve a gorgeous medium, so your memories are displayed on only the finest quality papers and custom designed albums. Folios and loose prints are also available for gifting to family members, or to keep nearby when you're away from home. Artwork samples are available in the studio for you to view during your session.


~ heirloom albums ~

tell your story...

By far the most popular heirloom artwork, albums are the perfect way to tell your story from beginning to end. Albums are hand crafted and feature professionally designed pages designed to highlight you and your family's story. Children love looking through family albums and identifying everyone they see, including themselves when they were little too. Display your album on a bookshelf or coffee table so you can flip through its pages often.

~ Framed fine art portraits ~

see it everyday...

What else to hang on your walls than artwork of those you love the most? Fine art portraits arrive framed and ready to hang, and feature a custom wood frame with acrylic face to protect your artwork from UV light. Create a wall display with two or more of your favorite images to see them everyday in your home. All fine art portraits are printed on museum quality papers with archival inks, and then professionally mounted & framed to ensure your artwork lasts a lifetime.

Framing a print acknowledges the power of a frozen moment. Out of all the images taken it says, ‘This is worth seeing every day.’
— Michael Howard

~ Keepsake Boxes ~

all in one place...

Keepsake boxes include gift prints of each image from your session, in artist's choice of either color or black & white, in a glass case with gold antique finish. Every keepsake box features beautiful silk ribbon and bordered gift portraits for safe-handling of your images. Keep your loose prints bundled together, and pass them around to share memories and conversation. Or share the love by gifting them to family members who will love them forever. This delicate portrait box is perfect for housing your cherished images.

~ Folios ~

Share a glimpse...

Available with ten, four, or two images, folios and folio books are a timeless way of displaying your images. Perfect for tabletops and shelves at the office or at home, or as gifts for grandparents and relatives. Folio books tell your story by featuring ten of your favorite images. Quad- and bi-fold folios highlight either two or four images.

~ Grandparent Gift Prints ~

Gifts for those we love...

Premium quality small gift prints for grandparents and other family members are available to order in addition to any collection. Invest in fine art wall portraits for your home, and gift professionally printed portraits to family members. All gift prints are professionally printed, ensuring proper color and quality.

~ Digital Media ~

We live in a technological world where digital media may be shared over and over again. Digital media options include files of your digital images for archiving & safe keeping, a mobile app so you can bring & share your images with you wherever you go, and a video slideshow of your images set to beautiful music. Mobile apps and video slideshows include the full resolution digital files included with your order (ten with the portrait collection, or your full gallery with any other collection) up to 100 images.

~ caring for your artwork ~

Your artistry deserves a special kind of care. Valuable images like the ones we create together, deserve to be handled with preservation in mind to ensure they remain pristine for future generations. Here are some guidelines to help you protect your artwork:

~ Avoid direct sunlight. Damaging UV rays will shorten the life of your artwork, so consider hanging wall art in a location that doesn't have direct sunlight coming through a window.
~ Avoid heat. Cooler temperatures slow the aging process, ideally keep artwork stored in rooms under 70 degrees.
~ Don't rub the face of your images. It's tempting to run your fingers over your images to feel the texture of the paper and point out details, but this may scuff the surface of the portrait and oils from your hands will transfer to the surface of the paper. Hold artwork on the sides or let them rest on a clean surface for viewing.