Bruce | Newborns

Bruce! Oh my goodness how I loved this little guy. He is the newest addition to one of the loveliest families I've met. From the moment I stepped into their home the kindness was all around. Mom, Dad, two big sisters - 4 & 2 years old - and even hound dog Piper were all so welcoming during the session, I may have joked about moving in and becoming kiddo #4 (I kid, I kid... I would never move in to a client's home.... unless they offer me really yummy cookies or something). Not only was baby Bruce a dreamboat, but Bruce's big sisters were so much fun to photograph. Biggest sister A was my favorite 4 year old for a reason, I think she may have a future as a photographer's assistant, although her modeling skills were spot on too. Both sisters clearly love their little brother and were eager to be part of the session. I simply love their sibling photos together. But of course man of the hour Bruce wasn't going to let his big sisters steal the show. He showed off his cute pout and cuddled up right to his mom and dad during their portraits together. Everyone say it with me now, "Awwwwww......"