Getting in the Frame | Personal Project

It's an ongoing personal project of mine to get photos of me and my son together whenever I can. When he grows up I want him to have images of us together. Mom + baby. Mom + toddler. Me + him. Proof that I was there, with him. That he's so fun and he makes me laugh and I make him laugh. Proof that I was young and he was small.

I'm behind the camera all the time taking photos of everyone else, but it takes effort to put myself in front of it. It's not easy. I barely have time to brush my teeth some days, so the task of setting up my tripod, making myself look halfway presentable, and then also making sure Jack doesn't have macaroni and cheese on his face can seem daunting.

But then things like this happen.

And it's wonderful.

Loudoun County VA Mother-Toddler Photographer | Kate Juliet Photography
Loudoun County VA Mother-Toddler Photographer  | Kate Juliet Photography