Dear Jackson | January 2015 | Loudoun County Toddler Photographer

Dear Jackson,

First, I feel like I have to start off with an apology, it's been too long since my last letter. Big things have happened since I last wrote. You are 19 months old now and it feels like you've taken a great leap into toddlerhood. You talk all the time and you have so many words. You have an attitude and a sense of humor (putting food and stickers on the dogs when they don't notice? hilarity) and an incredible sense of self. You laugh at your own jokes (how adorable is that?) and show off the new things you can do.

You are climbing. On everything. Your dad and I are back to watching you like a hawk because we don't know what you'll climb on (and potentially fall off of) next. You run everywhere. Really, everywhere. You spin in circles, dance, and sing. But really, you're a pretty thoughtful kid. You explore and test things out. Rambunctious is not a word I would use to describe you.

You love Heidi. If it's possible to love a dog too much, you might possibly feel that way about her. But she loves you back. And the food you keep giving her. (p.s. she's gained a few pounds in the last few months, wonder how that happened?) Every morning when you wake up you ask for two things: milk & Heidi.

Love you bunches,


Loudoun County Child Family Photographer | Kate Juliet Photography