I Believe in the Tangible | Northern VA Fine Art Maternity, Newborn, & Motherhood Family Photographer

I believe in the tangible.
What we can hold. What we can feel.

Technology moves fast.
One day those digital files will be obsolete.
Or lost. Or destroyed. Harddrives crash. Sites are hacked. Discs are lost.

Remember VHS tapes?
And Nintendo?
And floppy disks?

Did you ever replace those movies and games and files?

But what about those prints you have?
Of your grandparents. And your parents. And of you when you were young.

What about the images from the days of film?

I bet you still have those.

In thick albums stuffed with so many pages they're about to explode.
Tucked away in a closet. On a bookshelf. In frames on your wall.

Prints exist for you to look back on, flip though and hold.
You can point out old swing sets that you played on, share memories of people pictured but who are no longer here.
See freckles and old friends and pets and faces before they became wrinkled.

Prints don't become obsolete.
A hundred years from now, they will still be here.

That's why I include prints with every order,
and always will.

Washington DC Fine Art Portrait Photographer | Kate Juliet Photography