Behind the Scenes | Northern VA Baby Photographer

I admit, seeing photos of myself is not something I'm entirely used to. Since I'm the officially-unofficial-picture-taker of the family, when it does happen there is a lot of planning involved. I break out my tripod and plan everything out to make sure I get the image I'm looking for (type A, party of me!). So when I see images of myself that are taken by someone else it's a real treat and such a surprise. It's not often that I get to see myself the way other people see me.

So when I found out that baby Nate's grandmother sneakily caught me in action during his newborn session I was elated. During the session, I was so focused on the handsome little guy that I had no idea she was even doing it until she had snapped at least a dozen photos. Baby Nate's grandmother is the sweetest person and so kind to share her shots with me. It's so incredible and interesting to see what it's all like from a client's view and I love every single photo she took. And how sweet is little Nate?! He was a dream to photograph and I love how peaceful he is snoozing away while he's so warm and comfy.

I love behind the scenes photos of every kind (anyone else love photos of ballet rehearsals?), it's not often that you get a glimpse of what goes on to achieve a final product. So here I am sharing them with you. This is me and handsome little Nate, enjoy!

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