My Best Tip for Your Next Family Session | Washington DC Photographer

I have to share something really exciting that I did recently: I hired a photographer to take our family photos for the first time.

Yep, the first time ever. Crazy, right?

Over the years I've been the one documenting our family's daily life (after all, I'm the one wielding the camera), but I decided it was past time for me to get in the photos too.

And I'll be honest, it was an eye opening experience to be on the client side of a photography session for once. Leading up to our session I was a bundle of nerves.

All I could think was:
Would my son like our photographer?
Would my hair cooperate?
Was I wearing the right thing?

And the worst: Why didn't I get serious about losing 20 pounds earlier?!!?

Crazy nervous, I tell you.

But you know what happened in the end? I loved it. Every single second of it. Even when my son was being a cranky-pants, even when my hair was out of control, and even though I didn't lose a single pound first.

And even more, I love the images I have now that captured it all. Even better: I'm in the photos too. Because not only do I have these images to look back on, but now my son will have images with me in them look back on too.

And you know my biggest family photo tip? Relax and have fun. I know, I know. Easier said than done, but as soon as you let go and embrace your beautiful family imperfections (crazy hair) and all, the better your photos will be.

I hope that was helpful and makes your next family session much more FUN - because that is what it should be. If you have any suggestions for how you like to prepare for your sessions, or any other questions you would like answered, contact me and let me know.