Katie and Zach's first look | Fairfax VA Motherhood Photographer

There are certain rules with photography. When people ask me how I first became interested in photography I usually answer that I like having rules. I like knowing that if I follow a few simple rules - proper exposure and composition - then I can properly capture an image. But rules are rules, and art is art. Art doesn’t follow rules, it has heart. And learning to be an artist, not just someone who takes photographs, means breaking those rules. For portrait photographers there are so many rules that you should follow, but my love is in capturing the heartbeats in front of me. Breaking all the rules to get it exactly perfect.


Kate Juliet Photography specializes in natural maternitynewbornbaby, and family portraiture in the Washington DC and Northern VA area.

All studio sessions include access to the studio wardrobe for mothers and babies to borrow clothing for your session. 

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