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Handsome Baby Boy Makes Family of Three | Leesburg VA Newborn Photographer

This session was a lesson in fallibility. My own of course, baby Carson was perfect.

Mid-session I managed to break a lens filter (photographers you know this isn't a big deal, but still not fun!) and my space heater malfunctioned. You know what though? It worked out just fine. That's why I bring extra stuff with me to every session, I am a firm believer in back-ups, so we carried on without missing a beat.

I was so eager to meet baby boy Carson after his mom's maternity session. His parents are the bees-knees (does anyone say that anymore?) and total naturals at the new parents gig. I met them at their home in Leesburg, VA for Carson's newborn session and he was just the cutest little guy. They make the perfect family of three. And they have the most beautiful perfect family heirloom - a handcrafted bassinet. It was just gorgeous. I love being able to incorporate something so meaningful and special in their images. One day Carson will be able to show his grandchildren photos of him sleeping in the same bassinet they used too. Doesn't get much cooler than that.

Here are some of my favorite images from our time together - enjoy!

One Year Old Girl | Arlington VA Baby Photographer

I love photographing this family. Not only did I do Piper's newborn photos, but also her Fresh 48 session and I photographed mom for her maternity images. It's so exciting to see a little one get so big.

Still, turning a year old is exhausting. Happy Birthday Piper.

One year old sleeping - Arlington, VA | Kate Juliet Photography
Jack | 3 Months - Washington, DC Baby Photographer

People contact me sometimes concerned that their baby is "too old" to have their photos taken. It's true that those sleepy newborn poses can only really be achieved in the first couple of weeks after a baby is born, but by no means are babies too old to be photographed after that! No matter what the age - whether they are 2 weeks, 2 months, or 12 months old - our babies are still our babies and those fleeting moments should be preserved. Handsome Jack's mom contacted me when he was almost 8 weeks old - several weeks outside of the typical newborn photography window, but still amazing and adorably handsome as can be.

We discussed how an older baby's session is different, but still wonderful, and decided to wait a few weeks more to take his photos when he began smiling more often. It's not often that I get the opportunity to do lifestyle sessions or photograph 3 month olds, so getting to do both in one session was such a treat. Little Jack  had such fun with his parents and I had a wonderful time meeting all of them.

I hope you all had a wonderful first Mother's Day weekend together!