Filter Out the Noise

To my dear photographer friends:

I received a note from another photographer recently. A lovely one filled with kind words about my work. 
I was flattered beyond measure.

But intertwined with the compliments, was an undercurrent of uncertainty.

What should I do?
How do I manage?
I don't want to miss out.
How do
you do it?

The answer is: I don't know.

I can't give you an exact formula, no one can.
That's why you see so many posts and messages and comments on the same thing.
How? Why? 

Because it's about you. And that's the very best part.
Because it's about your limits & desires.
Your focus.

You control your schedule. What you shoot. When.
Which clients you work with. How often. What kind.

Your business. Your art. Your rules.

So if you're here. Serving your clients. Serving your community.
You might as well enjoy it.

You might as well shoot what you love. Because then you'll shoot the best.
You might as well set your schedule. Because then you'll shoot the best.
You might as well set aside time for your family. Because then you'll shoot the best.

Being overworked, stressed, lonely. That doesn't lead to good work.

And with good work. And peace. And finding yourself.
The work will come.

Because your images will sing. They will cheer. They will breathe.
They will mirror you, and how you love what you do most.
Refreshing and honest and pure.

So be gentle with yourself. Allow your faults and your times of imbalance. 

Then move along and breathe and recoup.
Because then you'll find your why and your way.

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