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Little Sister Baby #2 | Northern VA Newborn Portrait and Lifestyle Photographer

I knew it was going to be special as soon as I arrived at Cameron's house for baby Claire's newborn session. Even though I had photographed this beautiful family twice already - once for mom's maternity session and again for their First 48 session - I had never set foot in their home. As soon as I did though the love was all around me. Their house is filled with photographs and sayings and toys and everything else you could possibly have to show just how much you adore your family. It was a wonderful space to walk into, so full of love and life and laughter. It was the perfect place for a family newborn session.

Baby Claire was a dreamboat and just about the cutest thing in the whole wide world. She was so happy to snooze the time away all cozy and wrapped up. And she has the best big sister Nora. They are going to have so much fun together as they grow up. Many congratulations to the new family of four!

Here are some of my favorite images from our time together - enjoy!

Beautiful Baby Girl Makes Family of Four | Fairfax VA Newborn Photographer

Gorgeous baby girl Kennedy was such a dream during her newborn session. I met the rest of her family during her mom's maternity session and I loved getting to see them all again. Especially big brother Caden. I have been incorporating more and more lifestyle imagery in my newborn sessions and I'm so completely in love with it. Capturing itty bitty babies in their homes is so special. There is nothing like capturing a new family together.

Here are some of my favorite images from our time together - enjoy!

Sweet New Baby Boy | DC Area Newborn Photographer

I am so thrilled for this new family of four! I met them all for mom's maternity session and am so happy for all of them now that the new baby boy has arrived! He was such a dream to work with during his newborn session, and his new big sister is completely in love with him. She was so sweet to him during the session and even calmed him down when he cried. It made my heart burst to see how tender she was with him. And the feeling certainly seems to be mutual, he loved every ounce of attention she gave him.

Here are some of my favorite images from our time together - enjoy!

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I don't take these photos just for you | Washington DC Newborn Baby Photographer

It's been a whirlwind around here lately. I love photographing mothers and babies, so many gorgeous families, but I think it's time I confess something that might change the way you view what I do:

I don't take these photos just for you.

I love showing moms how beautiful and gorgeous they are. They, you, are my client and I will always take the opportunity to show you how amazing and wonderful you are with your children. But the honest truth is, I don't do it just for that.

I take these images for your children and grandchildren to have one day.

I take them so one day you can share stories with your children of how they were when they were small. So they know how you were with them. So they can see how from the very beginning they were loved so very much.

I do it so your grandchildren know what their parents looked like. To show how all of you have the same color hair, that dimple in your right cheek, or the same eyes. These images are proof that you were young once, just like them, and that you too were a parent who had no idea what you were doing, but you loved them so hard that you tried everyday to do better than you did yesterday. 

I do it because photographs aren't just images to be looked at. They are stories that you share. They are memories and shared histories.

They are how we remember and are remembered.

And I think that's worth capturing.