| The Studio Wardrobe |

Kate Juliet Photography maintains a studio wardrobe of beautifully curated pieces for you to borrow for your session.
Each piece selected to photograph beautifully and flatter women.

Most items have flexible sizing, so they may fit even if you regularly wear a size smaller or larger. In particular, dresses for maternity sessions may run larger.

Many women's items are sheer or see-through.
Clients are responsible for bringing their own undergarments, including slips, tank tops, camisoles, bras, and underwear. 
It is always recommended that you wear a  nude strapless bra and nude underwear to your session. White undergarments are also recommended. For new and expecting moms, please do not wear maternity pants with a panel that covers the belly, as they leave a visible line under tops and shirts.

Please note that images are not edited to "correct" clothing or undergarments of the wrong size, fit, or color.

Please do not spray tan in advance of your session. Spray tanning can rub off on clothing and fabrics.
If you spray tan in advance of your session you will not be able to use  pieces from the studio wardrobe for your session.

The studio wardrobe is continuously being updated and changed. Items are not guaranteed and additional items not pictured may be available.

| babies & children |

| wardrobe tips & advice |

I recommend outfits in neutral colors, including whites, light gray, tans, champagne, & blush


Think Layers. This is probably the biggest difference between sessions that look great and sessions that look wow. For dads and boys, a t-shirt, with a button up over it, along with a blazer. Little girls, same thing: leggings, fun skirt, and tank with a sweater or long sleeved shirt and vest. For moms, a flowy dress with layered sweater and tall boots with boot socks are ways to layer. 

Coordinate. Keeping a simple neutral color palette is the best way to keep the focus of the images on you and not your clothing. Imagine your family being one complete piece of artwork. Each person and their outfit will bring together a feeling of formality and coordination. Instead of everyone wearing the same shade of blue, mix it up within a neutral color palette. I recommend light greys, white, creams, champagne, tans and browns, blush, or light blue. Start with mom's outfit first, and build everyone's outfits off of that. Interesting textures photograph amazingly. Think plaids, sweaters, and fun details and accessories. 

Head to Toe. Remember to dress down to your family's feet! No scuffed Reeboks for boys, but fun shoes like Converse, "boat" shoes, or boots are great options. Same for girls, no Dora crocs, but more traditional Mary Janes or boots work best.

Comfort & Fit are Key. Cute clothing doesn't have to be uncomfortable. We want your children happy and relaxed during your session, not pulling at itchy clothing. Similarly, make sure the clothing they wear fits well now. There's no getting around it, baggy clothing photographs baggy.

Moms, take the opportunity to pamper yourself. It's not often that you have an excuse to treat yourself to a little extra, so take advantage of it! Professional hair and make up go a long way. Go to a salon and have your hair blown out for your session, I promise you won't regret it.

Express each person's style. Coordination does not mean matchy-matchy, even for the kids. Avoid dressing the kids in the same outfits, instead take the opportunity to showcase each of their personalities. Mixing patterns adds great texture to images, so don't worry about mixing stripes and polka dots if you've chosen a muted/subtle color palate.

Keep the accessories small. Headbands, necklaces, and earrings can easily overpower an image. Keep the accessories on the small side to avoid being overwhelming. Remember, we want the focus to be on your faces, not headband bows and hoop earrings.

What NOT to Wear
 Remember the Olan Mills look everyone in khakis + white shirts? That's not what we're going for. Think coordinating, not matching. Even with the kids, as tempting as it may be to put both of your boys in a blue shirt and jeans...don't!  Instead dress them as individuals so their personalities shine through. 

Things to avoid:
~  Glasses with transition lenses. If you wear glasses, make sure to bring a pair that don't have transition lenses that will darken in UV light. This cannot be fixed in post-processing and it isn't aesthetically pleasing in images. 
~ clothing with thin strips, this can create an effect called moire, and it cannot be fixed in post-processing
~ clothing with words, logos, or cartoon characters
~ flip-flops
~ anything florescent or neon
~ bright red (think burgundy instead)


three tips that go a long way....

Black is indeed a neutral color, but I strongly recommend you avoid wearing black or other similarly dark colors. 

In the white studio or natural outdoor environment, blacks creates a strong contrast between you and your surroundings. In your final images, a black wardrobe will grab your eye - so instead of seeing your beautiful face, you'll first see your black clothing.

If you love black, try pieces in gray instead. Or better yet, go bold and try white!


Similarly, I do not recommend wearing blue jeans.

They are great for everyday-wear, but they do not photograph well & often clash with the studio and outdoors.

If you absolutely love your jeans and can't imagine a session without them, I recommend wearing a pair in light gray.

Moms of daughters, take note of this one: resist the urge to accessorize your daughter's outfit with a bow or headband.

Bows and headbands visually compete your daughter's gorgeous face. Not to mention we want to be having fun and enjoying your session, not continually worrying about how a bow has once again slipped down.

Playful, wild hair is part of the childhood we want to capture to and remember. Embrace the loose curls and leave the headbands and bows at home.

| hair & make up |

I work with several professional hair and make-up artists who do fabulous work for my clients.
If you would like professional hair and make-up services for your session I am happy to provide a list of talented hair and makeup artists that you may contact prior to your session. Please note however that sessions are not scheduled based on the availability of hair and makeup artists,
particularly when sessions need to be re-scheduled due to weather or illness.

A professional make up artist will ensure that your make up lasts throughout your session and is properly applied so you look your very best.
Likewise, a professional blow out or hair style will ensure that your hairstyle holds up until the very end of your session and beyond.

| don't forget the details |

Your hands will be in almost every image (this is especially true for  maternity sessions), so make sure to treat them right before your session. Your best bet is is to treat yourself to a manicure before your session, but at the very least make sure nails are trim and clean (no chipped nail polish). I love bare feet too, especially for studio sessions, so don't forget about your toes!

I recommend toned down, neutral nails. Get 'em buffed and glossy, but skip the nail art and bright colors, they'll be a distraction in your final images.

| favorite retailers |

Here are a few places that I personally love for outfits for photos!
Price Point // $- affordable, $$-Average, $$$-High, $$$$-Expensive


Free People ($$$-$$$$), www.freepeople.com.
Boho inspired outfits, great for moms and teens.

J Crew ($$$), www.jcrew.com.
Great selection for kids.

Nordstrom ($$$), www.shop.nordstrom.com.
Great pieces for everyone!

The Gap ($$-$$$), www.gap.com.
A classic that's tough to beat.

ASOS ($$-$$$), us.asos.com.
Another personal favorite. Great selection for moms and dads.

Zara ($$-$$$), www.zara.com/us.
I love Zara. Clean lines, comfortable pieces, and great quality.
They have options for the entire family.

Morning Lavender, www.morninglavender.com.
Beautiful pieces for women.

BHLDN, www.bhldn.com.
Classic gowns, dresses, and lingerie.

Anthropologie ($$$-$$$$), www.anthropologie.com.
Best for moms and teens. They offer a great selection of unique and well-tailored blouses, dresses, and accessories.

Forever21 ($-$$), www.forever21.com.
Best for everyone from age 6+, they offer a wide
array of outfits for the entire family - including men!

H&M ($$-$$$), www.hm.com/us.
A favorite for boys! They have the best pants, and stylish shirts for little boys.
A personal favorite for my own family photos.

Urban Outfitters ($$-$$$$), www.urbanoutfitters.com.
UO offers a great selection for both men and women. They have stylish clothes with pop culture references without the cheese-ball factor.

Madewell ($$-$$$), www.madewell.com.
Similar to Zara, another great option