ABOUT the artist

I am a natural light photographer serving Northern VA, Washington DC,
and Maryland out of my residential studio in Fairfax, VA.
I specialize in newbornmaternity, baby, & family photography.

My artistic approach is driven by three simple beliefs:
Babies are perfect as they are.
Every woman is beautiful.
Your life is art.

I am a lover of neutral colors, natural environments,
and organic textures.

I am obsessed with light and the connection between
mothers and their children at every stage
- from pregnancy, to birth, to childhood.
And those small heartfelt moments that convey the biggest of emotions.

It's all beautiful and deserves to be captured.

Because one day they won't be so little anymore.
Because one day these are the images our children will have
when they talk about us to their own children.

The images captured here will live on as a reminder
of how much we love them, and always will.

I look forward to capturing your family memories for you.


washington dc newborn maternity artist

More About Me...

  • I have a little boy, who is my heart through and through.

  • My college roommate introduced me to my husband during my freshman year. He's stuck with me ever since (even through all my terrible cooking!).

  • I have two rescue dogs who enjoy the easy life at casa KJP. They are more spoiled and pampered than any dogs should be - and I wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Aside from my studio, my favorite place to be is the beach.

  • I find comfort in quiet moments, tangible artwork, and reminiscing.

  • I believe in minimalism and down-sizing, but still find myself with a full shopping cart every time I go to Target.

  • Proud member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and ClickPro.


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