Where are you? | Washington DC Baby Photographer

So, I have a question for you today:
Where are you?

Not how are you, but where.

And I don't mean what county your booty is sitting in right now. I mean, in your photos, where are you?

Are you even in them?

It's easy to get caught up in taking the photos. Trust me, I know. I do it too.
You can have fun taking photos of everyone you love without worrying what your hair looks like,
or that your top fits a little funny, or that you haven't lost weight yet.

And you may even feel like since you're the one running around taking photos all the time, surely you must be in some of them too, right?

Let's do a quick experiment. Take a minute right now to scroll through your most recent photos. Count how many photo you're in.

Go do it (really, go!), I'll wait. Don't mind me while I hum the Jeopardy theme music...

So how many photos are you in? Did you even make into the double digits? And of those, how many are selfies taken from the exact same angle and distance from your iphone?

These are the images your children will have to look back on. Are they enough?

Give them something to look back on. Give them images that bring back memories. That tell stories.
That show how much you love them.