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First, it has to be said: it's never "too late" to photograph your baby. I recommend holding newborn sessions within the first 2 weeks after delivery, but don't feel like you've missed out if that window has passed you by. If you want images of your baby at her smallest, schedule your session as soon as possible. If you're open to holding your session when your baby is a little bigger (or want to capture milestones as your baby grows), this post is for you.

So when is the best age to photograph a baby? Between 7-8 months. Here's why...

1 - Your baby can sit up on her own now. Many baby babies are still in the "sit, lean, fall over" phase when they're six months old. By 7 or 8 months, she can probably sit up all by herself, and is happy to keep herself there for awhile. But she's not too big to lay down, do tummy time, or be held. It's a great way to capture a lot of variety about what she's up to in a single session.

2 - She's expressive! By this age babies are full giggles, smiles, and all the big personality you want to remember.

3 - She isn't quite mobile yet. She might be moving around a bit on her own, but isn't walking or running around on her own. She still depends on you to get around, so it's a great time to capture images of you together. Which leads us to the next reason...

4 - Moms are usually feeling more comfortable in their post-baby body by the time baby is 7-8 months old. Now that you're feeling like you have your body back again, it's a great to capture images of the two of you together.

5 - You can capture all the sweet baby rolls, chunky thighs, and cottage cheese tushies you want. It's a great opportunity to celebrate your growing baby by highlighting how much she's grown since her newborn session.

There is never a wrong time to photograph your baby (usually the best time is right now!), but when possible I recommend scheduling a session for when she is 7-8 months old. Another perfect time after that is around a year so you can see how much she’s grown so quickly.


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