Make These Moments Last a Lifetime | Northern VA Maternity and Newborn Photographer

I have never found inspiration in simply taking a pretty picture. Instead, my true source of inspiration is knowing that these are the images you will look on again for years to come. When your baby graduates high school. At their wedding. When they have children of their own. When we are all old and gray and our faces are full of wrinkles, I know that you will have these images to help you tell stories from when you were young. My goal is never to create something for your friends and family on social media. It’s to create something for you. To help you remember a collection of moments over the years, that you can look back on over and over again.


Kate Juliet Photography specializes in natural maternitynewbornbaby, and family portraiture in the Washington DC and Northern VA area.

All studio sessions include access to the studio wardrobe for mothers and babies to borrow clothing for your session. 

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