Why Printed Artwork Is So Important | Northern VA Newborn and Maternity Photographer

Anyone who has ever worked with me knows the value that I place on printed artwork. I want every client who works with me to walk away with something tangible from their session - something they can hold and touch and feel. Something they can hold in their hands.

I know sometimes when the images and experience are fresh and brand new, it’s hard to understand why this is. Photography is a unique art form in that it often can’t be fully appreciated until years after the image is captured and the moment has passed.

Because years down the line is when our memories fade, our children have grown, our faces have more wrinkles. It’s not until years from now that you’ll be able to look back on an album or framed print and think

“wow, my baby was so small”
”I can’t believe how young mom and dad were when I was born”
”I barely remember that happening, but I’m so glad I can look back on it now”

It takes the distance of those years to realize how much things change and how quickly it goes by. It’s only by having something you can hold that those reminders come to us. When we look up on the wall and see the portrait that’s been hanging for years, or when we pull out the album that’s been on the shelf for what feels like a lifetime. Because when we flip through those images and pages, we get to look back into the past and what life was like for us. And our children get to see what life was like for us and them too.


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